What happened in a project

Since Asana is not hearing the users asking for inbox filter by project, I’m asking to the rest of the community, expecially to project managers, how they do this.
Very often I need to quickly understand what’s going on in a project, without asking for an update. I just would like to see what task where completed, what messages were exchanged, and so on. In a ne simple sentence: I need a project feed (or inbox, if you prefer).
How do you cope with this major Asana flaw?

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Hey @Francesco_Canovi,

I usually have inbox notifications enabled for important tasks and projects and I ask team members as well to post project status updates. This way I am kept in the loop about everything important and the key updates can easily be viewed via the project status updates, portfolio or the goal feature I use a lot as well.

Also what you can maybe consider is multihoming super important tasks into a special project and in there set up rules that trigger when something special happens that would then move the task to a specific section that you are checking daily.

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I use inbox all the time, but since I have to overview many projects, without filters it quickly became an unuseful cocktail of notifications mixed together. Other method you suggest are an utopia, because they would need a lot of effort both from me and from my peers. This process must be easy and passive like having a project feed. Asana should not be a managing overhead. I currently spend a lot of time managing asana itself, which should be avoided.

Sure I completely agree that this is not the best solution in your case.
I definitely recommend upvoting this feedback request thread: Inbox filtering per team/project in case you haven‘t yet

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