Organize/Filter Notifications by Project

:grinning:When you use Asana a lot, you get a lot of notifications. That’s awesome because, next to “My Tasks,” the Inbox becomes a fantastic way to start taking immediate action on what’s been happening. The only filter that currently exists to help pare down what notifications you’re looking at is related to Assigners & Assignees.

The problem is, many of us are not “all-projects” focused, we are “one-project-at-a-time” focused. So the Inbox becomes overwhelming when wanting to take action on one particular high-priority project before taking action on lesser projects. Notifications are also organized starting with the most recent, so if you step away and come back to a dozen or more messages, you have to scroll down to start chronologically.

In light of this, I propose the Inbox include a feature that allows you to
1. organize the notifications from oldest to newest
2. and filter by project

So you can focus on what’s most important first!

Alternatively, create an Inbox that is specific to each project. Organizing by date/time of notification still applies.


Hey @Sam_Hunt, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

For point 1 I also recommend upvoting here:

In regards to point 2 there is an existing product feedback request I recommend upvoting: Inbox filtering per team/project

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Agree those filters would be helpful! Upvoted