Idea: Jump to bottom of inbox

When checking our inbox, if we want to start with the oldest messages in our inbox, which is what I usually do first thing in the morning, we have to keep scrolling down just to get to the oldest inbox message.

Would be cool if there was a buttom to jump to the bottom (the oldest message) of our inboxes.

Welcome to the Forum @Christopher_Laver and thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us! Hopefully this is something we can address in future updates! :crossed_fingers:

Have a great Thursday!

Nice idea! Upvoting the hell out of it.

Yes! I don’t think we ever had this feedback in the Forum, but I think this is a brilliant idea! I often find myself scrolling to the bottom of my inbox and this feature would save me tones of times! I’ve made a note of your feedback to our Product team, and like @Natalia ill keep my finger crossed :slight_smile: We’ll keep you posted via this thread when we get some update!

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Great to hear! Thanks Marie!