Open messages below last message?

When a message thread gets long, then every time it’s opened I have to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the latest message and to reply. It’s the same both on desktop and the Android app. Is there a way to get it to open at the latest message?

Welcome, @Oberon_Robinson,

Yes, In list view, for example, you can click on the comment icon toward the end of task title and it will automatically scroll to the end of the thread (of 64 comments in this case).



Thanks @lpb but I am not seeing that comment icon anywhere in any view. Can you explain what you mean by list view?

Also I am looking for a way to make that the default behaviour, including in the app. It seems strange that it doesn’t work that way by default.

In any Asana project you’ll see tabs for List and Board. List is shown below. But in Board too you can click on the comment icon or number as described.

You can look in #product-feedback request for the change you’d like which may already be there and vote on it. I know there are requests to reverse sort the comments, another way to see the latest one first.


Ah ok, that explains why I wasn’t seeing that option. I’ve been messaging team members directly, not within a project. There doesn’t seem to be any option to sort or view the messages from the Inbox or any message view that I’ve seen.

Thanks, I’ll have a look in #product-feedback


I did find the suggestion there: Idea: Jump to bottom of inbox

Whoops…I had thought you were talking about the comment thread in Tasks, not in Messages specifically; sorry about that.

But the link you gave is maybe not exactly what you’re asking either; I think it’s talking about the comment thread in an Inbox entry, which probably most often is for a Task, not a Message, though it would apply to Messages too. Confusing, because that thread uses the word “messages” not to mean Messages but instead to mean Comments! So you could still consider adding a new request for specifically your need, or clarify in the existing one.

Thanks Larry, I created a new request: All messages and comments should open below last message


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