Inbox Chronological order: Newest to Oldest


The inbox goes from oldest to newest message. Opposite the standard format for forums and e-mails.

Sometimes it’s hard to contextualize when jumping into the middle of the conversation and working my way up, than the other way around.

Any chance of reversing the chronological order of messages where the newest appears at top? It’s more intuitive that way and easier to work my way back from the latest.

Asana rocks!


Hey Jacob! Just so I’m understanding it, you mean within updates, each activity/story is from new/oldest top/bottom? Or all the updates should be oldest first to newest?

Say we have task X, it’s had a few images and comments, those images/comments should appear newest to oldest?


Hello Caisha!

Correct, each activity/story goes from new to oldest. Opposite of how it’s structured now.

Thanks for clarifying.