Idea: Jump to bottom of inbox

When checking our inbox, if we want to start with the oldest messages in our inbox, which is what I usually do first thing in the morning, we have to keep scrolling down just to get to the oldest inbox message.

Would be cool if there was a buttom to jump to the bottom (the oldest message) of our inboxes.


Welcome to the Forum @Christopher_Laver and thank you for taking time to share your feedback with us! Hopefully this is something we can address in future updates! :crossed_fingers:

Have a great Thursday!

Nice idea! Upvoting the hell out of it.

Yes! I don’t think we ever had this feedback in the Forum, but I think this is a brilliant idea! I often find myself scrolling to the bottom of my inbox and this feature would save me tones of times! I’ve made a note of your feedback to our Product team, and like @Natalia ill keep my finger crossed :slight_smile: We’ll keep you posted via this thread when we get some update!


Great to hear! Thanks Marie!

Yes! I came here to see if someone had already suggested something similar. I was thinking a Sort button would be helpful where you could choose Oldest-on-top or Newest-on-top. But a “Jump to bottom” would work too.


Hi Natalia,

Is this incorporated into the mobile app? I have more than 500 messages on 1 task, to see the newest message I need to scroll to the bottom which is really time-consuming.

I think this is a very necessary feature, and it’s surprising that it isn’t the default behaviour. +1 from me to do this by default on both desktop and the apps for all messages.

In every other messaging system, messages are opened at the bottom of the thread, so the most recent messages are visible. In Asana (both desktop and app), all comments and messages are opened at the top of the thread, which requires users to scroll through all previous messages every time to read a new message. This is poor UX. Threads that get long become impossible to use.

I found this previous suggestion: Idea: Jump to bottom of inbox which is over 2 years old and has not been implemented.

I also asked in the Tips and Tricks forum if there was something I was missing: Open messages below last message? and I was informed by Larry Berger that there is a comment icon in project List and Board views, which scrolls to the bottom. But it seems that (a) this should also be available in Messages and Inbox where that icon is not there, and (b) this should be the default behaviour, not something that requires extra clicks.

For me specifically, I had been using the Asana app to message team members directly, but have had to switch away to message them via SMS, FB Messenger, and WhatsApp instead, because Asana is unusable for that purpose. It would be much nicer to be able to do everything in Asana, and it seems like an incredibly simple feature to implement, it just hasn’t been done yet.

Currently, the inbox is either sorted by ‘LIFO’ (last in first out). Whomever last sent a note, gets the first response and those that have sent notes weeks ago continue to move further and further down in the priority list. Unless, I decide to go to the BOTTOM and work my way up.

I would like to be able to filter the Asana inbox messages by, any and all of these attributes:

  • priority
  • individual(s) posing questions
  • task due date where comment is added
  • project

Or, when I navigate to a project, if there was a way to view the inbox questions related to the project.

Big fan of Asana, but, this inbox navigation limitations is really cutting in to our productivity.

Those changes would be awesome. A FIFO would be great.

Welcome to the Asana Community Forum @Robin_Thieme!

I have found an existing feedback request regarding this so I merged your post into that one. Don‘t forget to leave your vote at the top of the thread.

For your other request to be able to filter by team/project you can upvote here.