Create a "recent" tab on Asana projects that functions like the "inbox" feature except it is just all activity on the project sorted by most recent

That way, as a project manager, I can look at the most recent work or conversation happening in a project without having to search task by task or having to search through my inbox (which has notifications from ALL projects).

I’m pretty sure that for mentioned needs you should use milestones and project updates in its overview.
About the Inbox there’s no need to search anything as the Inbox should be always empty (or almost empty) - it means readed. If there are non-relevant projects for you, you can un-follow any project directly from Inbox.

I still think my suggestion is a good one. Myself and many of my colleagues don’t tend to work via the inbox. Project milestones and updates are certainly useful, but if there’s conversation happening via comments in individual tasks, being able to see all the activity in one place rather than having to go through each task would be quicker.

Understood, but it’s exactly why Inbox exists - you can track easily everything including converstaion in tasks. What’s more you can filtering in the Inbox to track exactly you want.


You should give an another chance to Inbox! :slight_smile:

Unless the Inbox can be filtered by project, it’s not solving the issue I have.

I love this suggestion and as a project manager of multiple concurrent projects, this would save me time as I currently must search through individual tasks for updates.

I too wish in My Tasks I could have a recent updates column in the board view - so the inbox column (not the inbox menu option) would continue to add tasks that have been recently assigned to me and then this suggested recent updates column for tasks would add tasks that I am collaborating on that have had recent updates but aren’t necessarily assigned to me. Maybe there is a better place to view that? I don’t want to look at the whole project, just the stuff I’m collaborating on. In the board view, it’s really helpful to be able to drag and drop and reassign and get an overview of how many things are happening at once. I can’t see that when I’m in the inbox menu section.

Agreed Risa. I have 30-40 projects…some back burner, some newly urgent as of TODAY…so I agree, to see recent activity ONLY on today’s 1 or 2 hottest projects would be great.