Create Activity feed to Teams & Projects



It would be great if Teams and Projects had a page with summary of all activity in that team/project – on every level down the hierarchy.

Such an activity feed on several levels of the hierarchy would serve two purposes:

  • It would make it easier for people to get a quick idea of the history of the team/project
  • It would make it easier to find back to files, comments, discussions, etc. when you don’t remember whether they were added to the team conversation, project conversation or task comments.

Such a feed could possibly take a significant load off the inbox, and could contain just the headlines, in dated, chronological order.

  • Who did which tasks, when. E.g. Dec. 1: Jane completed seven tasks.
  • Which conversations happened. E.g. Nov. 30: Jane, John and Peter commented on the task “Write sales page copy”
    • What happens in the project and/or team conversations. E.g. _Nov. 28: Kate added budget.xls to project _

The level of detail in the feed would depend on where you are seeing the activity feed. If you are just getting an overview of your entire account, you have very low resolution; at the team level there is more detail; at the project level even more.
E.g.: At the team level you’ll see Dec. 1: Jane completed seven tasks., but at the project level you might see a list of all the completed tasks.

And, of course, you can always click any item to expand, and see all the details, like in the current inbox.

More filtering options to filter Inbox notifications

I feel like this is a major missing factor in Asana Projects and while there’s been a lot of discussion around the “inbox” lately - this one is just as important because it would also help take a load off of the inbox as well. I’m surprised this doesn’t have more votes right now.


Totally agree. Inbox is a big mess for now.


Is this on an future new feature list ? Would be important to be able to see all under a specific heading in a task/project as well.


I was looking how to view the activity log and got here. It would be useful to have it.


This is like yes and yes feature, I’m considering migrating a whole team to asana from trello, but that will only happen when we can quickly see all the activity feed (incluiding conversations) in a easy way!


Was wonder if there’s been any update or thought on this from Asana. Our organization uses both Trello and Asana and this has been one key feature Trello offers that I think is super helpful for members on a project to see updates on a project (without having to go through their inbox, which could have tons of other activity updates from other projects/tasks).


Any update from Asana on feed support - One big missing feature !!


A project management tool that doesn’t support project feed is unreasonable.