View historical user activity

Are there any ways to view historical information in Asana? From time to time people will fail to log hours in our time tracking system. I’m looking for a way to give a user visibility into what they did yesterday or the week prior.

I know I can view tasks completed but I’m hoping there is a way to see all activity chronologically…

commented on post 1
completed task 2
commented on post 4
created new task

etc… Does this exist in asana?


Hi @Matte_Zovich and welcome to the Forum :wave:t3:

As it stands, it is not possible to track user activity chronologically; this can only be done at the task level; apologies for the inconvenience!

I have gone ahead and moved your post to the #productfeedback category to allow you and other users to vote for this feature request to be implemented in the future!


+1 for this, at least view MY past activities. It can be overwhelmed at some cases, and losing track at what has been done today, this week, etc will be inevitable, so historical activities would be handy to generate personal report / milestone measurement


+1 this feature would be incredibly helpful in tracking individual contributions/deliverables


I have a similar request here looking for all activity for a project to be visible in some what. View all progress and activity for an entire project under "Activity"

Use case: I am on a call with a client and they want to know what has happened on their project today. Pretty hard for me to look in Asana and answer that.

My feature request also has very few upvotes. I am surprised neither of these request have more demand. Please upvote if you think this is valuable enough for Asana to address for us.

I see this as displaying similar to the feed in my In Box but for all tasks on a project, not just ones I am following. And I would assume this should live under Progress > Activity in each project.

Please and thank you. <3


Indeed it would be very helpful to see all activity chronologically (historical). It is not always possible to use a timetracker when you work on a lot of projects simultaneously for a short time. At the end of the day you want an overview off the activities you have done in asana to make a timesheet.


Here’s a workaround.

You can use advanced search and the only criteria entered is the project name and the user you are interested in seeing activity for. This will return a list of all tasks, open or closed, sorted by recently modified.

I added a similar feature request to simply include this sort by recently modified here - Log in - Asana


I’d need this feature for the very same use case - that would be the most useful asana feature to have!


This timeline feature, independent of project, task, list and comments, is one of my BIGGEST losses whe I went away from BaseCamp, and why I many time reopened my account there to migrate back to BaseCamp. ANY other system I use have this type of basic feature, Google Ads, Facebook, You OS… it’ so simple and useful, when you need to track back what happend. Asana lack of this possibilities have made spend COUNTLESS hours on task that I would have solved in noe time in any other system. I have asked for thisfeature for3-4 years now.


That is why Asana to me rates between 2-3 stars evaluation, not 4-5. When clients ask for details on each task, there is now easy why to extract comments that are made, without spendingmore time on than, than your actual work, reudcing your hourly rate signiftiantly on clients that need good documentation. In basecamp I could create the in a couple minutes :frowning:

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This is more than an inconvenience, it’s a genuine problem. It’s poor design leading to diminished user experience. I do hope Asana will address this problem as soon as possible.

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+1 for this feature. This is one of the biggest differentiation and why we used JIRA for so long.

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I can’t view this link you shared: Log in - Asana

Was it moved, or maybe released?


Unfortunately that link is specific to @Jon_Sasala’s Asana account, it won’t be accessible to anyone outside his account access.

Oh, sorry. I pasted the wrong link. That was supposed to link to the feature request I added here, not to my asana portal.

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Great memory @Jon_Sasala! :slight_smile:

Hi Marie, I’m relatively new here however I’m really troubled by the fact that this is not a feature within Asana. My reply comes in over 2 years since the original post. Can you advise if there has been any movement on this particular request? Also, are we sure this is the only request of it’s kind? How do you monitor the requests to ensure there aren’t many that are similar being voted on separately? What kind of #productfeedback does Asana require in order to implement this feature? How many votes? Many Thanks, Tam


Hey, I’ve just send a request to my entire team to vote on this. Can I suggest that you do the same? Thanks!!!

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Hi @anon25528791 and thanks for your feedback - I do not have an update to share at the moment regarding this particular feature request - however, I can confirm this is something our team is closely looking at so please don’t hesitate to continue encouraging your team to vote and to share why this feature is important to them and what they envision for it so we can relay it to our Product team. I’ll post an update on this thread and in our announcements category as soon as I have an update on my end!

Yes! We do monitor all new threads created in the forum and systematically merge any related request with this main thread!

To learn more about how we manage feedback and how it feeds into our roadmap, you can check out How we’re listening to your product feedback.


Googling around and very very very surprised this feature does not exist on your platform.

Where does the development stand on this feature? We’re actively looking around at other options since all activity it NOT shown simply by completing tasks - but instead on comments, replies, and task edits.

Any additional insight that you can share?