My activity overview: How we missed this case?

Hey guys,

Have you seen this topic?

It’s a brilliant use case and I am wondering if you can think any way to get that info through the API. Even hacky ways like to use a bot for monitoring.

I haven’t find a solution yet. Any ideas?

If not I believe that will be a great product addition by the Asana team.

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Hey @Diakoptis,

I had not seen this topic – thanks for bringing it to our attention! I agree that this could be an interesting product feature. I will surface it internally.

One way to achieve this through the API would be using the new /search endpoint. For example, you could search for all tasks in a workspace that you commented on:

curl --request GET -H "Authorization: Bearer 0/123456789" \

Thanks again!


Great :slight_smile:

For comments is ok but if i want to see my activity like “change due date” is not possible right?

Thanx anyway for your time :))