I'd like to see all my comments by date and time


I tend to fly from one thing to another throughout the day and always circle back around to my main project. Often someone @mentions me in a task they’re working on or in a conversation. My replies are often detailed and take significant time to verify I’m correct, give useful advice, etc. My point is I often have comments that took me time to make and when I go back to my project I often forget what I helped someone else with. This especially comes up when I’m trying to report on what I’ve done to my team or boss.

I’ve found a way to kind of do what I want by creating a custom report so I’ll list it hear if others find it useful:

  1. Went to Search->Advanced Search
  2. Left the default search option of “All”
  3. Added my name to “commented on by” field
  4. Saved the search

The problem with this is it’s still a lot of work to go back through the results and constantly scroll to the bottom of each task in the right hand pane to see the comment. Has someone else made something (maybe an API thing) or found something that allows you to see or extract something that lists:

  • Task Name
  • Date/Time
  • Comment

I’ve been searching for awhile now and unfortunately haven’t found anything.


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I’m wondering if I should post the second part of my post above to the Developers & API topic area. I’m passing familiar with the use of these APIs, but would probably some pointers. @Alexis, would that be the proper way to get more info if there’s no way to do this in Asana proper? Is there a way to cross post to categories?



Hey Ryan! Let’s start by putting this in the Developers category and see what folks say :slight_smile: We can adjust from there if needed.


Just found this thread…not sure it’s the correct on but I want to why in tasks or comment sections there is both a date and exact time stamp but not on the web or desktop apps…what gives? this is crucial info to have. Having the stamp say “21 days ago” is meaningless to us.


I’m curious if there was a solution to this? I oversee a number of projects and when I ask a question on a task, I don’t know if people don’t respond. When they respond, I get notified in my inbox but if they don’t respond it just sits there. Any way for me to pull a report of comments I have made in a given date range?


Not that I’ve ever seen. I’ve begun working around this with follow-up tasks. If I make a comment and know I need a response, I’ll create a follow-up task for the task I’m following up on and set a due date of when I’d like to hear something by and then set them to Later in my inbox (I never look at Later). When that task pops up in my Today section, I’ll bug people again and adjust the due date out… They’re private tasks so only I see them, I usually add them to a special “Follow-up” project I made for myself so I can see all the outstanding items I’m kind of waiting on at a glance now and then.

If you don’t already have the reminder/follow-up hacks turned on, they’re in your profile settings:


Here is a workaround to see a list of all your own comments listed in reverse chronological order - this is useful if for example you need to review your day’s activity eg for timesheeting:

Simply add yourself as a follower to the task or project, using a different email address.

This way, whenever you need to review just login using the parallel account, and all your activity will be shown on the inbox.