Need Help Building an API for comment tracking and response times please


Just reaching out about comment tracking for our company.
I have read the details here in the developers article but still not too sure how to proceed to set this up?

Would be great to have some guidance on this please :slight_smile: I have no idea where to start.


Welcome to the community :wave:

Are you a developer yourself? Do you have a programmation language of choice already? You can use to find a developer to help, or we can help you here!


@Bek: What are you trying to accomplish and what you seeking support for?



Thanks everyone!

No I am not a dev myself - basically - what we’re trying to track/achieve is tracking our response times in Asana. From an initial request sent through from our client to the time it takes to respond to a comment by one of our team.

Is this possible? Thanks in advance!


You would have to request for tasks that are in the final stage and go through the stories attached to this task to see when they came in, possibly do the same with the stages in the middle to get stats along the way. We can discuss about the custom dashboard solution I have developed. I’ll reach out in a private message. Make sure to discuss with @Patrick_Lorenz as well to see if it is a good fit between you!