*New progress tracking solution for Asana*

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on a new solution to help track progress for projects and individuals who use Asana.
I decided to share it with the Asana community, since I believe that even at this early stage It adds value for team leaders and project managers who want to track progress in real-time, as it happens.

This is an open invitation - please reach out to me to get early access to what we are working on.
It’s completely free, and you can impact how this product will evolve, around your own needs!

If you’re interested, please contact me directly at roneleyal@gmail.com and I’d be happy provide more information and a link to get started.



Thank you so much for sharing @Eyal_Ronel! Please let us know if and how you respond to Community feedback and what comes next. :slight_smile:


Hi @Alexis,
While we are still collecting feedback, we are also looking forward to see what we can do quickly to improve the value our integration provides as soon as possible.

We ran some tests on the Asana API and noticed what seems like a bug that could prevent the feasibility of our next step. Specifically, the “membership” field for tasks is returned empty when “paging” through tasks for an entire project. However, when fetching individual tasks that value exists.

I emailed api-support two days ago, but did not hear back yet (not even an auto response saying my message was received)

We would greatly appreciate any help that can speed up their reply and solution

Just heard back from Jerrin. thanks :slight_smile:

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Can you share more about how this works and what it looks like? Sounds intriguing but vague. :slight_smile:


Hi @Lauren_Gray, Thanks for your interest.
I haven’t posted more details here because we are in a very early stage and still collecting feedback.

I’m hoping to update soon :slight_smile:

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Any update?

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