Idea to get around a blockage to onboarding


I adore Asana and couldn’t work without it. I’ve sent in a message before about the differences between projects and tasks being confusing but had no ideas to offer at the time, but an idea just hit me.

Maybe add a designation to My Tasks that indicates it is private and like a quick pad, with Projects being indicated shareable. I think the functions within each are top notch and work fine as is, but think if it were somehow marked to indicate the differences it would help immediate recognition and might increase usage.

I’ve shown it to a lot of professors and researchers and they were confused between the differences, but I think this would be an amazing tool for them if it were a bit more precise on functions so they could instantly use it.

Great job everyone, cheers!


Thanks for the feedback and ideas, @Erica_Murphy-Burrell! :blush: