How are you tracking and visualizing your 2022 Goals?

Do you have a section in My Tasks?
A project in Board view? List view?
How are you grouping them, tracking progress, beautifying?

Hey @Liohn_Sherer,

we use the goals feature to set up goals and subgoals per company and project.

Then we also set up milestones for most of our Asana projects.
Now im terms of Asana project there are endless ways of doing this, it really depends on your preference as well :slight_smile:
I recommend having a look through the forum and maybe also check out some Asana templates.
To beautify things I would recommend using emojis and colours.

To help you prepare nice reports and portfolios also think about which custom fields you might want to set up.

I also recommend having a look through courses in the Asana academy


using too much. thank you so much for creating such a beautiful feature!

Goals are a great tool for the new year! It’s a way to start fresh. I have my team track their individual goals and make them public (for the ones that are pertinent to the company). This way our upper-management has a way to track goals without having to hound employees at the end of the quarter/year.

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Thanks for the replies.
We’re in a lower tier plan though, no access to Goals.

I’ve set up a task called 5022 Goals in my personal Horizons of Focus project, with all my goals listed as subtasks. I find I’m not getting enough visibility into them, though. I’d like to see them in My Tasks, in the top section, but since Tasks can’t be expanded / collapsed in My Tasks it’d be too cluttered. I have a lot of Goals, broken down by quarter.

I’m putting my team’s goals in each of our 1:1 projects, also at the top. That works well because they collapse / expand. I do biweekly meetings with each of them, when we’ll discuss their progress.

Anybody want to share screenshots of what your goal setups look like?

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