Asana goals help you connect your strategy and the work that needs to be done

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This is Lucy Barclay from Asana’s Marketing department here to talk to you about Asana goals.

Asana goals is all about connecting up the strategy with the work that needs to be done, we call this the pyramid of clarity. It’s incredibly powerful for helping teams see their impact, driving accountability, and aiding better conversations and collaboration.


Thanks @lucyjbarclay !

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Thank you for this, I agree the alignment is critical. I love helping my clients set up goals, do you think Asana will ever make goals have the ability for a guest to set up and view? I’m a fractional CEO and integrator and work on multiple clients Asana accounts and it’s extremely frustrating to not be able to have the ability to manage and monitor my client’s goals from my user account/email address.

Hi @Jane_Anderson! I’m the Product lead on Asana Goals and OKRs.

We don’t have plans so far to give guests access to all goals in an organization for privacy reasos, but they can be added to any goal to get access to a specific one. This can be done by adding them from the “Share” button, or mentioning them in the description/comments of the goal.

Additionally, users with the Enterprise plans can add guests to goal templates. This means that when users in a domain are instructed to use that template, all goals created from it will include the guest as a member.


Fabulous, ok. Thank you so much :+1:

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I would vote for this one as a future feature too