Goals Dashboard

It would be awesome to see a Goals dashboard (similar to the Project dashboard) to give a quick overview of progress, number of completed goals, etc.

Great request, @Danae_Bowers! Thanks for sharing your feedback with us! I’ll let you know if this is something we plan to implement in the future :slight_smile:

Absolutely - we have about 30 teams and it’s hard to get a overview of all the goals and the hierarchy between them. A good overview in some way with ability to comment would be great!

Yes! I’m really struggling with the value of the goals feature.

As it is currently, its mostly very gimmicky, or great for people who only have very simple lives/ work bubbles to manage. To me at the level of complexity this supports, I’m better off just managing this in my head… or allowing another gawd forbidden spreadsheet to be created with a new fragmented magical view of the world for a few peoples benefit.

Strategically, we use Asana (the intention anyways) to eliminate the need for double management and communication of information. Depending on the perspective any executive is taking at the time (like wanting to see what their colleague is dealing with/envisioning) - it should be possible to quickly see ALL goals across an organization and create views or reports that will give me the “world of Sheri”.

Right now - seems like just feel good stuff and busy work to manage in any useful way.

P.s. I’d also like to be able to convert Tasks/Milestones into Goals!.

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