Project Archival Status Change

Hi All,

Sharing a situation which we are facing and looking at recommendation

  1. We have built custom reports to ignore the projects which are archived
  2. Recently we observed that one of the projects tasks are not showing
  3. On checking it was observed that the project was Archived by one of the users

Question : We are unable to find out the user who has done it ( Project has multiple editors and all have denied the change )

Is there any means to find out who did this change


Hi @Gowri_Shankar_RJ ,

You could trial Bridge24 for Asana – Professional Reporting and Exporting Tools to see if this could provide such a report.

Cc @Frederic_Malenfant

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Thanks @Richard_Sather for the reply, we have already exported the data to our reporting tool which is Tableau.

I am looking at the change log(who did and when they did) in Asana here and not exactly the change done.

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Hi @Gowri_Shankar_RJ :wave:

I guess such information may eventually be provided by the Asana Support (to a company Admin or Super Admin).

Hi Arthur,

Don’t you think it should be part of Logs visible in Asana or in any case in the export tool. Personally, I don’t see as a valid reason to reach out to Asana support for such things.

Well, that’s another discussion. I was just trying to point out to where you can get that information rapidly if you need it :wink:

If you are looking to suggest improvements, you may consider voting on a series of Product Feedback that eventually cover your idea:

Or if you suggest is different from what already exist, you could create a new one (and have my vote :wink:)


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