Is there a way to bring historical data from a project from asana api?

We are trying to get historical data from our team project at asana. is this possible?
from my understanding of the documentation, it’s not. we can only brings from the present moment on. in the Events endpoint documentation, it says that it’s not possible to go back in time to retrieve modification dates and sections from the past. Is there another way?

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Hi @Celiane_Brasil_Rocha and welcome to the forum,

It’s not possible with the Events endpoint specifically, but you could get some of that data by reading the Stories objects from the tasks in the project. That is, loop through each task in the project, and for each task, loop through all of its stories. That may or may not get you the data you need - but it might!

The only two caveats to make about stories:
(1) They can be deleted by users.
(2) They are not necessarily a complete audit trail of changes due to a process Asana calls story consolidation.



In addition to @Phil_Seeman’s helpful answer, note that there’s another way (CSV Export) to get at this data more easily, but only in Enterprise plans for Super Admins:

  • Export audit logs to CSV: Super admins in Enterprise domains can export audit log events to CSV from the Admin Console via the Security tab.

I can’t actually find this in the Asana Help, perhaps because it only become available a few months ago.



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Thank you for your answers, they were very helpful!

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