Transaction log (timeline?) for a project - see all tasks removed over time?

Hi I’m doing some auditing in asana, and it would be useful if i could identify all tasks that might have been moved to other projects from a specific project over time. Is there a simple way to do this? Or is it possible to run a query via the api? Suppose the first question is, is this data tracked in a log for projects? Seems to be traced at the task level, but seems to me that would be a heavy query to run against all tasks… but maybe not? Anyone else see value in this/done this?

Hi @Bodie,

Others are better than I am in terms of reporting, so I’ll leave any potential input re. reporting to others.

In terms of the API and what data is available in the Asana data store, some initial thoughts:

  • Yes, that type of info is available at the task level; specifically it’s in the stories object - there are potentially multiple stories for a task, and stories are represented in the Asana interface as the activity stream you see at the bottom of a task’s detail pane.
  • No, not available at a project level, just at the stories/task level mentioned above.
  • Without giving it a ton of thought, using the API I think you’d have to retrieve all stories for some period of time and filter for the specific event you’re looking for on your end, and yes, as you’re thinking, that could be a very heavy query.
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ok. thanks for the input! Not supercritical at the moment, but something I’ve wished was possible for a while. I’ll maybe kick the can on it a bit more. See if anything evolves towards this over time.