Detecting deleted or moved tasks


What is the best way to “detect” tasks that have been deleted or moved from a project?

From what I can tell, if I’m pulling tasks by project using a modified date, it’s not possible to tell a task has been moved out of the project. I’m assuming the same applies to deleted tasks, but haven’t tested that out yet.

I have a list of the IDs, but don’t see an API endpoint where I can pull tasks using a list of IDs.


I forgot to mention, I’m filtering by last modified date so that I’m only getting tasks that have been updated. I’m using this filter in part to avoid hammering the Asana API, but maybe that makes no difference?


Hey @Justin_Osterholt, thanks for posting to the community.

While I only have limited insight into your use case, I think you may want to use events.

You can subscribe to a project and then poll for changes to that project, which will include details about any task that is “deleted” or “removed” from the target project. When you are looking at the event response, the "action" key will indicate what happened to the task. For example: "action": "removed" or "action": "deleted".

I’m not exactly certain what you mean by “pull tasks using a list of IDs”. It may no longer be relevant but, if it is, can you elaborate?



Hi @Jeff_Schneider, that does what I’m looking for. Thank you for the suggestion!