Filter deleted projects

Hi! I need help to filter the deleted projects via API, i cant find a filed for that, how can i achieve thant? Thanks in advance.

Indeed I can’t seem to find it either… @Phil_Seeman any idea? Not sure that is available…

I think deleted projects are deleted forever and cannot be viewed or undeleted.

But, maybe you mean “archived” projects? You can get them by calling
GET /workspaces/xxx/projects?archived=true

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Yes, as @Frederic_Malenfant said, deleted projects aren’t included in data returned by the API.

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Ok, thanks! But i need to know if any of the projects that already were returned, now are deleted. What about the “Events”? This events can log the proyects that now are deleted? Thanks again.

Yes, Events will notify you of deletions. “deleted” is a possible action value in an Event.

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Thank you very much!

hi @Phil_Seeman, We are trying to know what projects we have eliminated in asana, Then we tried to get the Events of a project (supposedly it has an action: deleted field), but we realized that the Events parameter is a resource (example: get
/ Events / resource = “id_project”) and when requesting the deleted project jumps error. Is there any other way to check these events?

Thank you for your time