How to get notified of a project deletion?


I have a webhook configured for each project, and they are working fine for task adds/changes/deletes. But if I delete a project via the UI, I don’t receive any webhook.

I guess that makes logical sense - I suppose it can’t send a webhook for a project which no longer exists? - but then how can we know when a user deletes a project via the UI?


Unfortunately you will need to keep the list of the hooked projects and compare them with the list of the projects that exist.


Thanks, @Diakoptis - that’s what I was afraid of, but good to get confirmation. Alas it seems there’s more to it than that, as it looks like that also means checking each task assigned to a detected-as-deleted project to see if the task needs to be deleted as well. More complicated but certainly do-able.


If the project deleted you will get delete notifications for all the tasks in that project I think.

When you delete a project for some reason the webhook is still active.


I was hoping that would be the case, but in my testing just now, I am not getting any webhooks firing when there are tasks in a project and I delete the project via the UI.


I will test it in this week and i will let you know.

Be careful if you delete the tasks that exist in a deleted project. If the task is multihomed just remove the specific membership.


That would be great, much appreciated. Would definitely like to know if you get task-deletion webhooks when you delete a project.

Got it, thanks. Also looks like the task should only be deleted if it’s unassigned to someone.


We would be interested in the future ability to have Admins have access to a list of projects and tasks that have been deleted in the organisation (and the ability to restore them). Or, even better, be able to lock down both tasks and projects and assign user with permissions to be able to delete.