The webhook for deleting a task does not work


I have successfully subscribed to events for a task:

  • creation
  • change
  • removal

Create / modify - works correctly

Deletion - either the POST request does not come at all. Either comes with the wrong GID

Tell me, what could be the error, and why the request behaves this way?

@Dima5 Hi, can you please provide me with details of your setup? Is it possible that you filter only for removal, not deletion (delete). Remove is the removal of a task of a project, if I’m correct.

Hi! I have the same issue.
can you tell if you solve this and how?


Hi @Elizabeth_Betancourt,

Did you include both remove and delete in your filter? I think one of those should report on deletions but I can’t offhand recall which (you’d think it would be delete).


I tried both, but neither works for me, in both cases the webhook is created and is active, but the notification when the task is deleted never arrives, and neither success nor fail appears in the webhook data.

This is the response of the api, maybe I am missing some required information?

“data”: {
“gid”: “1202400132966492”,
“active”: true,
“created_at”: “2022-06-06T17:53:10.301Z”,
“last_failure_at”: null,
“last_failure_content”: “”,
“last_success_at”: “2022-06-06T17:53:11.406Z”,
“resource”: {
“gid”: “1202400132695904”,
“name”: “96098 - Iredell Memorial Hospital - Box Truck Logos and Bottom Stripe”,
“resource_type”: “task”
“resource_type”: “webhook”,
“target”: “”,
“filters”: [
“resource_type”: “task”,
“resource_subtype”: “default_task”,
“action”: “deleted”,
“fields”: null

I tested this and did not get a removed or deleted event, either, when I deleted a task. Looks like a bug; I would recommend sending an email to api-support at asana dot com and reporting it!