Missing webhook events for tasks

Hi everyone,

We’re integrating with Asana using webhooks and sync over workspaces, projects, tasks and users for our customers. We have one customer that keeps creating tasks for a project in Asana, but it’s not appearing in our system. I’ve checked the logs and we don’t get the create event.

One example is for the task with gid “1152224421001089” which is part of the project with gid “16776995619125”. The first event we got was a change event on 04 Dec 2019 23:24:29.964, but the task was created at “2019-12-03T15:03:58Z”.

They only seem to encounter issues with this project in particular.

Any help is highly appreciated.


Did anybody even see this post?

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Hello @Raul_Popadineti!

We can check on our side to see if anything funny happened. Could I get the gid of the Webhook and the User who created the task?

And for extra clarification, is this project getting 0 “task added” events, or is it intermittent?

Hi @Ross_Grambo

The webhook GID is 803590796242349.

Unfortunately, I don’t know who created the task. Is there an endpoint through which I can retrieve that information?

And for extra clarification, is this project getting 0 “task added” events, or is it intermittent?

It’s intermittent.

Thanks @Raul_Popadineti

I asked an API engineer to take a look. I’ll let you know if we find anything!


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Hey @Raul_Popadineti,

It looks like we currently do not have a reliable way to debug intermittent missing events. We’re working on better webhooks now, and hope to make debugging these instances easier.

Give us some time to put these changes in place and we’ll take another look. We should then be able to track this down.

Sorry if this causes you issues in the meantime. Let me know if you discover a consistent way to reproduce it, as that will allow us to fix your issue now instead of waiting for these changes.

Oh! I’m sorry to hear this.

Please ping me once the changes are in place so we can adjust our Asana integration accordingly (if it will require change).

Have a great rest of the week @Ross_Grambo!

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Hello @Raul_Popadineti!

We just deployed the logging for this. It lasts 24 hours at a time. Could you reproduce your issue and then ping me when it happens? I’ll need the Webhook gid, the resource gid, and ideally what type of event was missed. Feel free to ping me on here or dm me.

Hi @Ross_Grambo,

Am I experiencing the same problem?

I created a webhook yesterday (1165227563718237). i created 1 task yesterday (1165224763141081) and 2 tasks today (1165374388132695 and 1165400074272641).

when i make an update to either of the tasks created today, my webhook is receiving data for the task created yesterday.

my webhook right now is doing nothing other than printing out what is being received.

def lambda_handler(event, context):

Hey @jonathan7,

Are you responding with a 200 status code? Our webhook sends all of the data that has changed since the last successfully delivered webhook. In this situation, it sounds like your lambda_handler isn’t responding with a 200 or 204, so we think your server failed to receive the webhook.

Google’s telling me python lambda functions should end with something like:

    return {
        'statusCode': 200,
        'body': json.dumps('Hello from Lambda!')

I hope this helps!

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gah! that did it.


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