Late response from webhook

I am getting response from webhook for the first task change but for the next task changes in the same task of a workspace i am not getting the required output immediately.Is there any alternate way to get the output immediately.

I am getting the webhook for the previous task only if i add the next task also.whats the reason can anyone answer?

@sai1 ,

Define “not immediately” - what are we talking about in terms of a delay?

sometimes even i add a new task also i am getting webhook of the previous task only.when will i get the webhook of the newly added task.Please answer.

Happens to me also. I have exactly those to issues.
Big delays (over 30s) and events task ids are returning only one task.

Afraid I haven’t run into either that long of a delay or not seeing webhooks with the expected task IDs, and I don’t have any great ideas on what might be going on.

@JFrentz have you ever encountered this?

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Yes unfortunatly there is still regular delays like you describe.

Hopefully Asana is closing in on a solid long term solution:

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Asana has improved their webhook delay significantly since my last post 27 days ago. :tada:
The median delay is ~7s since 5 December 2022. It is a 4x improvement.

Thanks to Asana team! :open_hands:

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Hi @JFrentz,

That’s great to see!

Just curious what the formula is for your delay calculation - obviously the end of it is the time you receive a webhook, but what do you use as the start of the delay duration? Once you receive a webhook, do you then look at the modified timestamp on the object the webhook reported as your starting time? Or…?

Hi @Phil_Seeman, thanks! We are comparing event created_at with our timestamp of storing to db.

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