Asana webhooks unstable - Randomly not getting a webhook when task is created/completed

Ok, so I have created a new webhook to track when a task is completed in a project so I can do some processing afterwards, but the webhooks are acting up.

Sometimes, when I create a task, I see that I get a request to the webhook API, which is ok, I filter it out, but sometimes that request does not happen.
Same is for when I edit the task, and same is for when I complete that task.

So basically I can’t rely on Asana webhooks to work every time, since they just stop working randomly, right now I created and edited a task, and I got the webhook for the edit, but when I completed the task, I got nothing.

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Also, when the task is completed, sometimes I get the event that has the following parameters:




By having those fields, I can filter so I process only one event, when the task is completed.
But, there is another problem, sometimes I don’t get those fields, completely random. I complete a task and I get a bunch of


even when I did not change the name.

Some help would be great. I can get around this problem by some internal data so I don’t process a completed task two times, but the problem of webhooks just not happening still persists and that is creating a problem.

Update: I created a new webhook so I only get events for when the task is completed, and it is much better. But there is still one problem: When I create for example three tasks for test, complete them all one after the other some of the events don’t arrive.