Webhooks for Tasks that have not Changed

Hi folks,

We are starting to receive a high volume of notification of task updates. However, looking at the tasks we are receiving notifications for, nothing has changed at all. I have several examples that I can share with the Asana team. They seem to come in batches.

I have one notification that I just received a few minutes ago, and the task is showing a last modified date of 2020-09-24. I have also looked at the stories associated with the task and not seeing anything that would indicate an update, the last story is also dated 2020-09-24.

This is causing significant issues for us. We are bombarded with messages which that alone would be okay, but then it seems like our application as a whole is then rate limited as we need to attempt to retrieve those tasks and take any necessary action.

I believe this has started sometime last week. I can share more specific examples if needed. Any help would be appreciated!

@Phil_Seeman maybe you have insights?

I haven’t seen this in my app, so not sure what the cause is. @Maggie_Reddi, perhaps it’s somehow related to the My Tasks update; maybe it’s touching tasks as it processes them for the update even if no task data actually changes?

I figured it would be something like that. We’ve implemented a temporary fix to try to address the issue on our side.

Would be great to get some confirmation from Asana though? We’ve started logging when this happens as of yesterday after my original post and we already have over 20K messages that were not necessary.

Dear Asana Team,
We are also facing the same kind of issue, where we are notified with hundreds of webhook notifications for creation of task. The issue is, the task is created on 1 Sep, 2016 but whereas we are getting notified, that the same task is created at 2021-05-23. Don’t know how this is triggered, Please let us know what can be done to fix this. We haven’t changed anything in that particular task.

Please get us the support mail-id to get clarified further.

@Ross_Grambo, any ideas on this one; is it anything the API team is aware of? Do you think it might be related to the My Tasks migration?

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It stopped for a while but back up again. Just received 20K in the past hour.