Webhook Invalid behavior & Big delay.Change in tasks & change in sections. Are webhooks broken?

Hello everyone,

I wanted every time a task is change column state (meaning memberships.sections) the webhook to call my NODEJS application.

I was trying to create a POC with NODEJS yesterday so i can decide if we can move our asana team to a bigger Tier in our company. Saddly when i tried the webhooks i got a very strange behavior. I dont know if its something broken or im missing some informations that i coudnt find in the developer documentation.

I set up a webhook successfully with this payload.

    filters: [
            action: "added",
            resource_subtype: "section_changed",
            resource_type: "story",
    resource: _PROJECT_ID,
    target: _REQ_WEBHOOK_URL,

In a project with several sections (more than 10) im creating a task-A that i move around.
I get some delayed webhook actions over (30s). My testing is to move the task-A from
a->b and b->c section ( in about 5s)
i can get the webhooks change every 30s more or less but my next action is to call the getTask rest method to see what are the changes. So like that i will never never know when the task-A moved to b section. When i call the getTask i defently gonna see that the currect section is and that is the c section.

This is what i see moving aroung the task-A (i got 3 events in 1m 30 sec - 1 every 30s)

Do i need a better tier to have faster responses from the webhooks? If thats the case we are fine moving to a new tierm.

The second problem which is the most most important.
Continuing the above test… Im creating a new task-B. I move the task from a->b and b->c and the INSANE behavior is that now i see events from webhooks with the id of task-A!!!

This is what i see moving aroung the task-B

Which is the same event (same task id).

Am im missing something guys? I tried this with only listening to all project events and i get the same id all the time.

Thanks to all in advance.