Webhook response for task section change not getting updated

I created a webhook to get triggered every time there is a section change on a board, but whenever I move any task to different sections, the webhook response returns the same information no matter what task was actually moved.

Here are the parameters used to create the webhook:

data = {
    "data": {
        "target": api_url,
        "filters": [{
            "resource_type" : "story",
            "resource_subtype": "section_changed"


How can I get the webhook to give updated responses ?


Maybe @Phil_Seeman can help? he is the webhook god :slight_smile:

That’s very odd. Can you post the return from two webhook events that are the same? Just looking for clues, I don’t know why you’d see that.

Please refer to the two images to see the response when I change two different tasks to a different section. In the body, you can see how the event info is the same for both.

Sorry I wasn’t more specific - that’s too hard to read and has too much info. Please just post the formatted JSON of the Body that gets returned (I use this formatter myself).

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