No Events firing by Asana

Hi Team,

Every thing was working fine. Suddenly from last 2 hours, if there any task created or updated in Asana then no event firing by Asana webhook. Also I didn’t found any problem in log. Please suugest.

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Maybe @Joe_Trollo can help on that.

Btw webhooks are concluded at api in ?

Also what happened if your end are down for some time? Webhooks saved in a queue and your service start posting again when is back or we miss these events forever?

Hi Diakoptis,

Till now, events are not firing even if I create new task or update it.

Your webhook is still active right?

Yes, here is my code(In Java)

Client client = ProjectUtil.getClient();
EventsRequest request =;
try {
for (Iterator iterator = request.iterator(); iterator.hasNext():wink: {
Event e = (Event);

			String action = e.action;
			String type   = e.type;

			handleTaskEvent(action, type, e.parent, e.resource);			}
	}catch (Exception e) {
		System.out.println("Error for projectid: " + projectId + ". Error: " + e.getMessage());
		System.out.println("Relaunch again");

private void handleTaskEvent(String action, String type, Entity parent, Entity resource) {
System.out.println(“Event Fire…”);

Oh it’s the events API not the webhooks.

Sorry, But I am using the same from last 2-3 month and was working file . But currently it’s not giving me any events.

You can send an email at mentioning the resource and they will try to help you

Thanks Diakoptis

Also what I found useful at times is to get the details of a webhook in question (that is, one that doesn’t seem to be firing) via the{webhook-id} call (I use Postman to do this). The result will contain last_failure_at and last_failure_content fields which can potentially be instructive.

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@Kuldeep_Poonia You are right i am also facing the same issue ,May be there is some issue at Asana end .
@Phil_Seeman I have also checked the last_failure_at and last_failure_content are null

Hmm, you’re right, guys, I’ve also stopped receiving any webhooks as of a few hours ago.

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I’m also facing the same issue. Has anybody had a response back from the support email?

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I haven’t yet. Let’s all agree to report back here once one of us hears something.


And as priority no2 I would like to define with Asana team if we can count on the webhooks’ reliability or not and what is the process when the webhooks events post service is stable again. We need to resync the hooked projects manually or we are waiting for the events sometime?

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I heard from API Support - said he’s checking into it.

I have had the same problem for the past 4 hours.

I am also still down. I tried manually deleting and recreating the webhook and nada. I’ll keep checking here for any updates and if I hear anything I’ll share also. Thanks everyone!!

Just got another response from API Support:

This does look like a bug. I’ve escalated the issue to our Development Team.

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FYI I started getting webhooks again about 5 minutes ago.