What's the best way to troubleshoot the webhooks?

Hey Asana Community!

Yesterday, around 03.00 UTC time we’ve noticed that our system stopped receiving the events via webhooks.

In our team, we keep our tasks in the kanban boards of Asana, and track the tasks movement by signing the boards to webhooks (using PAT for authentication). We can interact with an API without any problem, as well as see the existing webhook configs in place, but when we drag the tasks between the columns on the board - Asana doesn’t send any events. We’ve checked our API callback, that receives the event payload - nothing is blocking it.

Is there any way we can troubleshoot the webhooks, to identify if anything on our end breaks the communication?


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Same issue here. Events stopped coming, https://status.asana.com/ says everything is fine

@anvyst and @lol_kek,

Webhooks are currently down or very delayed. We’ve alerted Asana developer support.

The best thread to follow to stay updated on this issue is: Missing events and no "sync_error" recieved on that webhook endpoint. - #21 by Phil_Seeman