Asana Webhooks not firing events/Firing single event multiple times

Asana webhooks are broken. I created a webhook for a project to fire whenever a task is completed, but sometimes hooks do not fire at all, and sometimes I get one webhook multiple times.

As you can see, I filter some webhooks by section since I don’t want to process them, but I got an event for this particular task GID multiple times as you can see here. Is this a bug?
I can’t rely on this infrastructure if this will work like that.

Hi @Vedran_Korponajić,

There are multiple developers such as myself relying on webhooks; I think you’ll find ultimately that they aren’t “broken”.

They are known to be “noisy” in that they often generate multiple webhooks for the same event. You’re going to have to deal with those on your end.

I haven’t experienced cases where they don’t fire at all; it could be related to a filtering configuration you have on place, perhaps. If you want to share the details of your configuration(s), that might help us spot something.

Hello Phil,

Multiple webhooks I can handle, that is not a problem, but I’m not sure I understand what do you mean by ‘filtering configuration’. Do you mean on the server or?
I have encountered this problem multiple times, yesterday I activated a webhook and we noticed that after one task completion, it just did not fire. I tried to create a task manually and to complete it, again, no webhook was fired.

@Phil_Seeman I just contacted liquid web support to see if there are any requests that are blocked, and there are none. I will attach a couple of screenshots of the conversation.

What I did was, create first 6, than 5 and later 7 asana tasks and complete them all one after the other.
Of the first 6, only three arrived, of the second 5 also three, and of the last 7, only 4 webhooks arrived. No errors or blocks on the server side.

When creating a webhook, it’s possible to include filtering criteria. I was wondering if you had any filtering applied and if so, what filter(s)?

Here is the whole webhook data. @Phil_Seeman

I know you only want to receive task-completion events, and it seems like that should work the way you want it, but just for debugging purposes, I’m curious whether, if you create a webhook without the filter, do you then receive all expected task-completed events; or do you still seem to be missing some of them, even without any filtering?

Created a webhook without a filter:

And this way it looks like that all the webhooks are fired, but this way the webhook wil be triggered for every single little event, edit, create, etc… Is there a way I can do this without having to filter all that data?


I haven’t done any filtering with specific fields like you tried here:


I agree, from the documentation it seems like that should work, I’m not sure why it seems to not be sending you all relevant events. I don’t have any great suggestions for you, beyond getting all events and filtering in your code. (Ok, granted that suggestion is not great!)

Just an FYI, we gave up, the webhooks were not triggering properly for a month and we found a workaround by saving task GIDs in our database and running a cron.

Hi there, I am also evaluating Asana’s event based integration/webhooks.
Seems that the webhook is unreliable, has the product/support team validated this functionality issue?