Getting issue while recieving webhook data

Previously when i have created webhooks without adding filters i used to get all webhooks for every change in my project (actions like created,deleted etc) but after adding filters i am getting only the details related to filters which i have addedd like(due on,due at etc) not all the changes.Means i am recieving the webhook request only for those actions which are in filters.where am i doing mistake.


I am not sure I understand. You created filtered web hook and you are asking why you only receive calls for this filtered events? :thinking: @Phil_Seeman do you understand the question?

Take care

i am not receiving the events whenever a task is added or deleted but i am receiving the events whenever i am doing any change in due date or assignees which i have put on filters.
My question is how to receive the webhook whenever task is created or deleted also.How to do that?

Can you please answer?


For tasks, there are webhook filters for task added, changed, deleted, and removed. It sounds like you only set a filter for “changed” (and then specified the fields you want to monitor). If you also want to receive webhooks when a task is added or deleted, then you’ll need to add those filter to your filters parameter.