Update a webhook to recieve more events

Hello Everyone!

So I have a webhook set up with Asana, it’ll send a webhook when a task is created inside of a project, now the issue I’m running into is I want to update the webhook to receive webhooks when the task that was created gets updates. Would I need to create a new hook for this or how would I update this? The API Docs are a little unclear about this part. Thanks!

Hi @John_Gonzalez1,

I would just delete that webhook and create a new one, where instead of filtering just for “added”, you’re also including “changed” in your filter.

Thanks! I’ve tried adding to action in the filters “changed” after making it an array of strings but it won’t take an array. How would I do this? I’m using javascript.

Try formatting your filters like this:

   "filters": [
            "resource_type": "project",
            "action": "added"
            "resource_type": "project",
            "action": "changed"