Missing events on User Task List webhook.

I have created a webhook for my User Task List (no filters).

I am getting events when assigning a task to myself so that works fine.

When I assign my task to someone else (aka remove from my UTL) I am getting an empty events array on my webhook. Can someone please explain why and how can I get this working (get events on task removed from my task list).


Hi @Tomasz_Krakowiak and welcome to the forum!

Yeah, unfortunately Asana will not deliver webhook information for tasks removed from your UTL. See this thread:

But note that My Tasks will be undergoing some major changes shortly, which will make it act more like a regular project. We don’t know yet what impact that will have on webhooks, but keep your fingers crossed…

Thanks @Phil_Seeman for your reply.

Does this mean that to get this working (get notification when user is removed from a task) I would need to create a webhook for each project? And then also a webhook for a workspace so that I get notified of new projects?

If you have access to their UTLs, maybe you could set webhooks on those to catch assignments to other people - I haven’t tried that but it might work?

Otherwise, yes, you’d have to do what you said. But realize that won’t catch a task assignment that you assign to someone else but that is not attached to any projects.