Get webhook event when task is removed from user task list because the assignee changes

I need to access all tasks assigned to an asana user.
In order to do that, I am using the user task list endpoint (/user_task_lists/user_task_list_id/tasks). Once I synced his tasks, I establish a webhook on the resource user_task_list_id to be notified when a task is modified in this list.
However, I don’t get a notification when the assignee of one of his tasks is changed (and hence that task is no longer in the user’s task list).

I tried to add filters on the Resource Type tasks or no filter at all but I never get an event saying that this task was removed from the user task list.

It seems that I am getting a call to my webhook but there’s no event in it.

Does anyone have an idea about why I don’t get notified?


Hi @Martin21,

My hunch is that since the task is no longer in the User Task List, Asana doesn’t fire an event on that endpoint. @Ross_Grambo, what do you think - is that what’s happening in this case?

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Yeah @Phil_Seeman is correct as far as I know.

User task lists are pretty weird with webhooks. We’re actually working on changes now to make them behave better, but I don’t expect that to be done for a few months.