Cannot create a webhook for "My Tasks"

I have already know how to create webhooks for projects and tasks. However, when it comes to “My Tasks”, I cannot find a way to create a webhook to callback some events. Is there any way to create a webhook for “My Tasks” section or should I do polling for it?

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Hi @Bahadir_Yurdakul,

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble here. A users My Tasks list is essentially like any other project in Asana’s data model, so you can absolutely create a webhook on it.

For your resource ID, you’ll want to use the My Tasks list ID. You can find that by visiting a user’s My Tasks list in Asana and checking the address bar:<my-tasks-id>/list

Let me know if that helps or if you’re receiving any errors when you try to create this webhook.

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Thank you for your answer. I want to get its id from the api. Which request should I use?

Hi @Bahadir_Yurdakul,

Unfortunately, this is not a use case we support in a first-class manner - these projects aren’t returned from the Projects and Workspaces endpoints, and even querying on tasks in the project that are only in one’s “My Tasks” come up as having no projects associated with them.

If copying the ID from the URL will not work (say you’re trying to automate this for multiple users), I would suggest instead creating a new project, having a user add their tasks to that project, and then use that project for webhook tracking.

A more recent post on the same topic:

As of today, it’s much easier to work with @-mentions in the API. Check out this community post from our API team and the API docs for details.

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Thanks for the reply @Jeff_Schneider.

I’ve read those posts now (three times), but I really don’t understand how I can use @-mentions to get the address to the user’s My Tasks, for a given Workspace?
Let’s say we have the Workspace ID 432104321043210. How can I now get the “my tasks id” or the my tasks url? (i.e. Log in - Asana/list)?