Can I fetch a deleted task?


I am am using asana webhooks to stay informed about events on a project.
When I receive an event for a task deleted ie.

    "events": [
            "user": {
                "gid": "000000000000",
                "resource_type": "user"
            "created_at": "2021-08-27T02:19:21.743Z",
            "action": "deleted",
            "parent": null,
            "resource": {
                "gid": "0000000000000",
                "resource_type": "task",
                "resource_subtype": "default_task"

Is it possible to query asana’s API to fetch more details on the task deleted?


          method: 'GET',
          uri: `${asnaurl}/api/1.0/tasks/${TASKID}`,
          json: true,
          headers: { authdetails },

I keep getting 404 errors from this request…

Are deleted tasks unfetchable?

Hi @Emily_Pasiak ,

I’m sorry for the very late response.
I tested on the address bar ad it seems deleted tasks are unfetchable, even though we can open it in Asana UI with the task ID.

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