Events not showing deleted tasks

Hello all,

Please help with this issue that I have:

Events API does not return info about deleted tasks I have error:

“errors”: [
“message”: “resource: Unknown object: 1199944177684988”,
“help”: “For more information on API status codes and how to handle them, read the docs on errors: Asana

I need to find a way to track deleted tasks on API as I explored Events is the best way but I have these issues. Also if there is some better or another way to track deleted tasks on API please inform me.

Thank you all.

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Sorry to hear you are experiencing issues @Stevan_Aleksic

This is not my area of expertise. I think you guys are gurus in APIs and such type of errors:
@Phil_Seeman @Jerod_Hillard @Bastien_Siebman @Julien_RENAUD @Kenichi

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Hi @Stevan_Aleksic,

Can you show us the actual code you’re running that’s producing that error? I don’t think we have enough info yet to be able to weigh in.

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Hi @Phil_Seeman I am using asana-php package.

I have issues with events:

$events = $api->events->getEvents([‘resource’ => $pojectId]);

returns null

when I try:

$events = $api->events->getIterator([‘resource’ => $pojectId]));
foreach ($events as $event) {

when it tries to iterate iterator fails with InvalidTokenError (code: 500)

can you help, please

Hi @Stevan_Aleksic,

I don’t PHP so I can’t help with any specifics of that library, but from the error of “InvalidTokenError” I would focus on your OAuth Token (or Personal Access Token if you’re using that). Are you specifying it as shown on the API page for that library? GitHub - Asana/php-asana: Official PHP client library for the Asana API v1

(cc: @Ross_Grambo in case you have anything to add)

Hi @Phil_Seeman its not a Personal Access Token its events sync token error I think, I am specifying as described in the official PHP Asana library. any help will be appreciated, also created the issue on github Events · Issue #76 · Asana/php-asana · GitHub


@Ross_Grambo any help will be appreciated