API access to log files



Hi, I’m trying to establish what information I can get via the API - I’ve listed below my immediate interests:

  1. I’m looking to report on how long a project has been at each status and calculate the time from the first status to the last.
  2. Can I access custom fields?
  3. Can I access labour/timings recorded against each task as recorded by the user?

Many thanks,


Hi @Martyn_Hale,

Let’s take those in order:

  1. Not specifically available, but possible to do: if you are able to store status data per project on your end, then you can establish a webhook on a project so you’ll get notified whenever something on it changes. When you get that notification, read the project and check its status against the one you have stored from the last update; if the status changed, record that on your end and keep track of all of the timings between status changes. Make sense?

  2. Absolutely yes. See here and here and here in the API docs. I found it takes a little doing to get your head around how they are implemented in the whole Asana data model, but once you get it, it’s not difficult. And you can always ask for help here in the forum.

  3. Depends partly on where/how your users record those timings, but in general this is a similar answer to #1 above: use webhooks to get notified when a task changes, then query the task and grab the information about the timings (I’m basically assuming that info would be recorded in custom field(s)).


@Phil_Seeman not sure why I think that, but isn’t the status history provided now? :thinking:


Yes but it’s incomplete; does not report all changes to a task so can’t be used for true activity/event log purposes. See this post for more.

Oh wait, Bastien, you’re referring to project status, not task activity. Yes, my bad, you are correct!

@Martyn_Hale, as Bastien correctly points out, my answer to #1 was incorrect - you can get the project status information from Asana without having to track the timings of it yourself - here is the documentation on how to do that.


Thanks for the update

Martyn S. Hale