How do I get all the stories from a task.

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I am trying tp calculate time spend for each status in task, I used the “Get stories from a task endpoint” However, I noticed that change in status is overwriting with the existing one. For example,

     "resource_type": "story",
      "text": "Immanuel changed Status from \"-\" to \"Ready for Audit\"",
      "type": "system",
      "resource_subtype": "enum_custom_field_changed"

when there is status change from “ready for audit” to some other it just replacing it instead of creating a separate log. Is there a way to capture time between each status.


Welcome, @anon39623473,

The stories consolidate in time periods so these are not a reliable way to get an accurate and complete audit trail.

I think you’d instead want to consider using:

@Phil_Seeman, Can you give this the once-over and correct all my mistakes and half-truths?!



No mistakes or half-truths to correct - what you said is accurate, @lpb.

@anon39623473, what Larry describes is called “story consolidation”, explained here.

A way to overcome this behavior is, as Larry said, to set up webhooks on each project you’re interested in, which will send you an event when something changes in that project. When a change happens that you’re interested in, you’d record it in a data store on your end, and then do your reporting, etc. from there.

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