List History of Change in Custom Fields Value in Tasks


In our projects, we change the values of custom fields from “In Progress” to “Done”. We’d like to see the history of when this custom fields are changed. I can find the current state of the custom field but cannot find the history of when this was updated. This is also not available in tasks/{taskID}/stories

Is this possible?

Thanks in advance,

Sorry, I was mistaken before when validating. The custom field change shows up in the tasks/{taskID}/stories. This is resolved.

Hi @Takuto_Suzuki,

Do be careful, though - stories are not meant to act as an audit trail and don’t necessarily contain a 100% complete record of changes, for two reasons: first, any story can be deleted by a user via the Asana web UI; second, Asana’s architecture includes a behavior known as “story consolidation”: if multiple changes to a particular property of a particular object are made by the same user within a 24-hour period, without any intervening changes to that property by another user, then only the last story is kept, the preceding ones are removed.


Hey @Phil_Seeman,
Is there any other way we can get a consolidated audit logs?

If you mean a complete log that captures ALL changes, the only way is to use Events or Webhooks to capture each change, and make a record of it on your end in some sort of data store or log.

But the events received via webhook doesn’t contain the exact changes i.e which option is changed to what or so.