Change events on stories on a task from task events API

I’m currently using the event API (Asana) to get change events on a task. This API gives me events for basically everything I need, including stories being added to a task; however it is not giving me events for when those stories are edited. Is there a way to get these change events with a similar pattern (i.e. passing in a sync token from the last time I pulled changes, and only getting stories that have been edited / added since the last request).


I’ve also tried just getting all the stories on a task, however this API does not seem to return any information about edited stories. I only get back a created_at field and do not get a comparable updated_at field that I can use to determine a story has been edited

Still waiting for a response on this one. I’ve found a similar issue where using the modified_since parameter in the bulk get tasks endpoint does not reflect editied stories. Only created stories. This seems like a bug

Hi @Aaron_Wilson,

Afraid I don’t have good news for you - the API currently doesn’t emit events for story changes.

(The ability to edit stories was added to the product relatively recently compared to the base product and API.)

I know it’s on the API team’s radar to add, but I don’t know of any status on it. I know there are some complications in terms of how Asana handles story consolidation; I guess that’s not something they’ve gotten around to tackling yet.

cc: @AndrewWong @Kevin_Quicho @Kem_Ozbek for any additional info

If there’s anything we can use to track the status of this issue, that would be appreciated. We want to implement a different syncing strategy to take load off of our system that only syncs asana tasks that have changed, however we are unable to do that until the full feature set of syncable changes are supported via the modified_since parameter.

Alternatively if there were some separate method of searching for tasks that have stories that have changed since a certain time that would also suffice.

There’s nothing official, I’m afraid. I’ll post here if I hear anything about it in my API travels.

related question, does this same behavior apply to webhooks? i.e. will editing a story fire a webhook

Yeah it does. :frowning_face: Webhooks are generated off of the same core events.