Modified by field for get task API

We have one question regarding the search task API. Is it possible to get the details of the person who has done the latest update to a task.

We could get the modified timestamp but could you please let us know if we can get who has modified the task.

Only the modified_at is available
But you go through the stories you could get the last person responsible I believe. But stories are unreliable to have a full picture.

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Thank you Bastien.

Stories can be your answer, but the trouble with stories is they can be deleted. That’s the main reason why they are not 100% accurate.

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And the fact that they don’t all get created but can be skipped, isn’t it?

I think that the skipped events are when you edit the same task field multiple times, they only keep one to avoid multiple very quick actions for nothing, but you can trust that the most recent action is done by the good person. But I’m not 100% sure about it.

Yes, actually in a technical sense @Frederic_Malenfant and @Bastien_Siebman I think you’re both correct: when the same user changes the same property or performs the same action multiples times within a 24-hour period, without any other user doing anything else on that task, only the most recent change or action is kept in Stories. But how that happens is the the previous ones are deleted. It must work that way, right? Because until a previous one is superseded, Asana doesn’t know it won’t be the one to keep, so it must create them all and then it deletes the intervening ones that get consolidated. I haven’t tested this but it must work this way? Clear as mud?

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Thanks for clarifying