Update timestamp on Stories

Hi all - I’ve read the post No more parsing story text! New fields on stories!. I also recently learned about story consolidation. I’m writing an integration that leverages the created_at timestamps on stories. Due to consolidation, it seems that if a field is updated multiple times, the created_at date is never updated; however the data in the story is updated to reflect the change. I was wondering if stories had a field such as updated_at or something to track the fact that the story was modified?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @marcusb and welcome to the forum,

I don’t think they do; it’s not shown in the API docs. On the off chance that it’s there but not documented, try getting a story with opt_fields=modified_at (that’s the name of the equivalent field in the task object) and see what happens.

(In any case, even if there is one, there’s no guarantee it would be the true last-update timestamp; it’s possible it would also “fall victim” to consolidation.)

Thanks Phil! I tried that along with every other opt_field I could think of, but was unable to find one that worked…posted hoping someone may have found one that did. It seems odd to rewrite history and not record the fact that it has occurred. Would really love it if the Asana API team addressed this.

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