Custom field change not showing in story?


Just upgraded to Premium. I like custom fields but the changes we are making are not showing up in the story. Is there a setting, extension or some other way to make changes show in the task’s story?


Most likely what’s you’re seeing is the story-consolidation aspect of Asana. Not all changes will get a story created for them if multiple changes occur within a 24-hour window. See this thread for more info:


That is so frustrating :frowning:

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Agreed. Just to be clear (and take any heat off of the Asana API team :slight_smile: ) this has nothing to do with the API - it’s a function of the core UI design. All the API is doing is feeding back what’s in the core data stream. I can get the intention - they don’t want the activity list overly long and cluttered with changes especially if a bunch of them occur within a short time span - but IMO 24 hours is way too big of a window. I think it should be more like 1 minute.


We just tested and it seems like it “registers” changes that are 1 hour old or older. It seems like for us 5 minutes would be good. It does seem that there needs to be a buffer though, otherwise it could get extremely chatty.

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