tag_added story not showing every now and then?

Hi all,

Looking for some assistance/give feedback on something that is proving to be a pain.

I take regularly all stories for all tasks in project, looking specifically at the tag_added stories.

The issue I am having isn’t code related, as I have cross referenced it with the web app. There certainly are a number of tasks that the “[user] added to [tag name]. [time] ago” story just isn’t occurring when the tag is added.

Any tips and/or ability for asana devs to take a look?


The alternative, of course, is that the user adding the tag is removing the related story.
Is there anything in the API which would show up a removed story?


I recently had a similar issue with custom fields. But I assume the same logic is applied to tags, or any other field.

When you create a task, it seems that, all fields on it are NOT in the story.

Even if you changed it. We tried here with another user, and when another person edit the task, then, the story is set. Because it’s not the same person that created it.

I think that, they try to not create too much story. And, when the user who create the task do some changes before a certain time, these story are not created at all.

So, we can’t trust stories as source of information to get the full history of a task.
First, because story are not always added.
And, because a user can delete it !!

We tried many ways to understand why, sometimes, there’s no story at all, and that’s what we found. If the same user edit the task several times, no story are set, because they suppose that, it was not a change in the task. And, the initial values are almost never set as story.

Calling the god @Phil_Seeman for help :slight_smile:


@Frederic_Malenfant pretty much captured the issues. To elaborate a bit - there are several reasons why you can’t use Stories as any kind of accurate audit trial of task activities:

  1. Stories can be deleted in the web UI.

  2. Some data elements aren’t captured in stories at all; for example, as I recall, changes to custom fields.

  3. There is what Asana calls “story consolidation”, which Frederic explains well - if the same user changes the same property multiple times within 24 hours without another user changing it, only the last change is kept.