Custom field missing from task history

Is this a glitch or a missing feature?

Currently, when i select the value from a custom field, it does not document it in the task history. Our use case is we have some status codes that tell us the health of the task (e.g. green, yellow, red) or the status of a task (e.g. in progress, pending, cancelled, etc).

As these tasks change through their status codes, we don’t see the history, so i can’t tell when someone changed something. It documents changes in the tags, so i assumed custom fields would work that way too.

Any feedback would be helpful.
Thank you.

I just did and it works. I changed the value of a drop down value in a task, and I can see “Bastien changed XYZ from A to B” in the task history :thinking:

:thinking: indeed. I just tried again and now it is documenting changes today (but none from yesterday are registering. I am on a premium trail, not sure if that has anything to do with it. But the good news is, this is a key feature for us, so good to see it exists.

We are having the same issue - the custom field history is not registered properly and is not reported in the task history. What’s really bothering us is that the history is not made available via an API either. We are using the Stories endpoint and it doesn’t seem to report the changes in the values accurately.

Could someone from Asana side comment if there is any way to read custom field events in a reliable way (i.e. when someone changes the value of a custom field, can we find out afterwards that such an event happened)? Ideally, we would like to get a list of changes during the last 30 days).


Also currently in the premium trial and not seeing changes reflected in the history when adjusting the drop down value using custom fields

There is a cache mechanism that do not log changes if too many changes are made within the same time window. @Phil_Seeman I think you know more than I do on the subject…

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I’m not 100% sure this is what’s going on in this case but here’s the Asana rule:

If one user makes multiple consecutive changes to the same task property within a 24 hour period (where by “consecutive” I mean one user makes multiple changes without another user changing that property), the activity stream will only show the most recent change made.

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Is there a reason for this 24-hour rule enforced by Asana? For audit purposes, I have to be able to see an audit trail of all task changes including changes to custom fields regardless if the changes were done now, in 5 minutes, or in 3 days. This 24-hour rule is a major issue for me.

I guess to limit the volume of data. @Phil_Seeman what do you think?

The reason is to prevent visual clutter in the activities list from people making changes and then changing their mind or making a series of quick edits; i.e. they want to avoid lists that might look like this:

Phil Seeman changed the name to "Call Stowe UPS Store Just now
Phil Seeman changed the name to "Call Stowe UPS Store re. mailbox rental/transfer Just now
Phil Seeman changed the name to "Call Stowe UPS Store re. mailbox rental Just now

While I get the intention. personally I completely disagree with the 24-hour timeframe choice and think it’s WAYYY too long. IMO it should be somewhere between 2 and 5 minutes.

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How do I go about requesting that Asana look at this issue and consider it for a future enhancement? The activity list already knows if there are too many comments and shows the “X more comments” link to expand the listing to prevent visual clutter so there really is no reason to have this restriction.

Make a post in the Product Feedback section of the forum requesting the change you’d like to see; that way, people can vote on it - the more votes, the more attention it’ll get from Asana (lots of votes doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll implement your request, but more votes only helps). I don’t recall seeing an existing post for this request.

@Tim_Rametta did you ever create a #productfeedback post for this change? I’m supportive of @Phil_Seeman’s suggestion that the window by which task history on consecutive changes is removed should be no more than 10min.


Yes, the product feedback was posted here:

Full visibility of all task changes history including any changes to custom fields in short period

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