Custom field missing from task history



Is this a glitch or a missing feature?

Currently, when i select the value from a custom field, it does not document it in the task history. Our use case is we have some status codes that tell us the health of the task (e.g. green, yellow, red) or the status of a task (e.g. in progress, pending, cancelled, etc).

As these tasks change through their status codes, we don’t see the history, so i can’t tell when someone changed something. It documents changes in the tags, so i assumed custom fields would work that way too.

Any feedback would be helpful.
Thank you.


I just did and it works. I changed the value of a drop down value in a task, and I can see “Bastien changed XYZ from A to B” in the task history :thinking:


:thinking: indeed. I just tried again and now it is documenting changes today (but none from yesterday are registering. I am on a premium trail, not sure if that has anything to do with it. But the good news is, this is a key feature for us, so good to see it exists.