API for Projects Custom Fields changes?

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First post here in the Asana Comunity (and probably at all) so please let me know if I’m violating any policy…sorry if so.

I my company we’ve adopted Asana for almost a year now and we’re now starting to work with Asana APIs to retrieve data from the tool.

My question is: is there any way to retrieve changes to project custom fields? If so, which API(s) is to be called to obtain such information? I know it is possible to retrieve possibly any changes of a task (via “task/ {task_gid} /stories”) but I’m struggling to find a way to do the same for projects and obtain a similar set of data back (date + old value + new value) as per the response of “Get a Story From a Task” (Asana)

Basically, the objective is to have the changes date of the custom field “Project Status”, associated to every single project in the portfolio “Servizi Informativi”. In alternative, if there’s no API for this particular data, is it possible to retrieve the date the project has been archived?

I’ve searched in the API docs, but I did not faund anything similar to this.

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The regular API will allow you to get that info, and you can poll it on a regular basis. If you want to be notified of changes, you need to look at the webhooks or events in the doc. @Phil_Seeman is the expert here, I am sure he will jump in to help!

Hi @Carlo_Burrafato and welcome to the forum!

As @Bastien_Siebman said, custom_fields is a property of the project object and you can retrieve a project’s current custom fields and their values by getting that info for a project.

In terms of knowing when a project custom field changes, there’s no equivalent to the “get stories” endpoint you reference for a task (but be careful about how you use that endpoint, see below).

You will get a project-change event triggered when you change a project’s custom field value, so you can use either Events or Webhooks to be notified of changes in custom fields (you can set a filter on your webhooks so you only get notified about custom fields changing, not other properties of a project).

A word of caution on using the “get stories” endpoint - it’s not meant as a complete audit trail and can have gaps in it; see this forum post for more.

Let us know if you have further questions or need more info on any of the above!

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Hi @Phil_Seeman,
thanks so much for the fast reply. I got both your points and will re-engeener my data extraction based on that.

Just a last info, will the deletion of a story generate a “deletion story” itself? This is not to “fill the gap” in task stories but at least to know “there’s a gap” (the second case you mentioned in the linked post, “stories consolidation”, is not an issue in my case).

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I wasn’t sure, so I just tested this - it does!

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@Phil_Seeman thanks a lot!

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